Kickstarter Projekt: KDJ-One “portable music studio”

by cyberstep
on Sketchfab

Ich weiß nicht der wievielte Versuch der Gameboyifizierung es ist, ein Studio quasi in die Jackentasche zu portieren und bis jetzt finde ich diverse Lösungen wie Korg’s Gadget oder Beatmaker 2 auf dem iPad immer noch die gelungensten Lösungen diesbezüglich, aber der Gadgetfreak in mir hätte schon mal gerne ein Handson an diesem Gerät. Das KDJ One verspricht neben dem Vorteil Kombination physischer Knöpfe mit Touchscreen folgendes:
A Versatile Package: The KDJ-One contains a synthesizer, sequencer, mixer, sampling functions, and so much more. Make your music without having to worry about lugging around all that gear.

Portability: With its high capacity lithium-ion battery, the KDJ-One boasts an impressive 10 hours of battery life – enough to last you on that plane trip from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

Precision: With a multitouch panel, the velocity-sensitive keyboard, a pitch bend/modulation analog stick, and even a jog dial, the KDJ-One offers unparalleled ease of use.

Infinite Sounds: With 10 synthesis algorithms, 20 audio effectors, 7 filters, and 4 modulators, the KDJ-One allows you to recreate any style of music you wish. A step modulator for club music is also included.

Multi-track Editing: The KDJ-One features a six track advanced pattern sequencer capable of motion sequencing. With Loop recording, step recording and piano roll, editing your tracks is as simple as dragging notes around.

Live Performance: Mixing patterns in Song mode lets you put together a track ready for live performances on the fly.

Unlimited Possibilities: With network and community functions planned, the KDJ-One offers musicians across the globe unlimited possibilities

Das Kickstarter Projekt soll bald beginnen und weitere Spezifikationen gibt’s hier

( Via Musicradar)

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  1. Das Teil kam doch als Prototyp vor 2-3 Jahren schon mal auf die Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Danach war allerdings nichts mehr davon zu sehen bzw. zu hören.


  2. The KDJ-ONE is the brainchild of Rui Sato, Yutaka Oowada, and Shinnosuke Asahara; the founding members of CyberStep and college buddies from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. To make their project into reality, they’ve gathered excellent illustrators and designers from across Japan and taken on an international team of community relation managers and support staff.  


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